“High Energy” steels

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HYSP presents you a variety of metal pipe and tube products for various functions. With customised materials, you will be able to do the project with no hassles and it is very more likely to be finished on time. The overall projected 2010 manufacturing of “High Energy” steels for these 5 strains is 215,000 tons. This pipe material can be used in many varieties of building, and is commonly used in the gravity-flow transport of storm water.6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult

From the welding process, the welding straight seam metal spiral welded pipe and coherent strategy, however inevitably there shall be many Longitudinal T-weld, and subsequently the likelihood of the existence of welding defects has greatly improved, and welding residual T welds stress is massive, the weld metal are sometimes in three-dimensional stress state, increases the likelihood of cracks.

9D Research Group has releases a brand new market analysis report “Stainless Metal Plate (Volume) Market 2015 – Global Trade Measurement, Developments, Progress, Share, Opportunities and Forecast by 2019” so as to add to its collection of research studies.here  The big-diameter straight-seam steel pipe for piling takes under consideration the potential of China’s rural market and has not yet been excavated.

The Legend of the Solar System Frontier – Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud (III)

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As more and more Kuiper belt objects were discovered, astronomers began to analyze the characteristics of these objects.

Kuiper belts are divided into two categories: classic and scatter.square steel tubing Most of the Kuiper belt objects are classic, with an outer boundary of approximately 50 astronomical units from the sun. The classic Kuiper belt object is not affected by the collision and disturbance of other stars. It is the result of spontaneous condensation of the solar system cooling gas cloud disk, so its orbital eccentricity is small and nearly circular. In addition, their track inclination is very large, and the maximum tilt can be more than 30 degrees. Pluto, which is tilted at 17 degrees, is often seen as a classic Kuiper belt object. There are two main hypotheses to explain the reasons for their tilt: First, the so-called internal shake hypothesis, speculating that in the early days of the solar system, a certain number of large asteroids were ejected into the Kuiper belt by Neptune, thus tilting the classical Kuiper belt celestial orbit; It is the so-called external shake hypothesis. It is speculated that there is a ”passing” star outside the Kuiper band that produces gravitational disturbances, which makes the classic Kuiper belt celestial orbit tilt. This hypothesis explains why the classic Kuiper belt is so neat.

In stark contrast to the classic Kuiper belt objects, tin plate suppliers other Kuiper belt objects have the characteristics of extremely high eccentricity and a wide range of orbital spans. They can come to the 35-astronomical unit of the Sun at a recent point, which is closer than Pluto. In the distant point, it can be as far as hundreds of astronomical units. Humans cannot see their traces at all. For example, 1999 CFll9, the distant point is 200. Astronomical unit. They are called scatterable Kuiper belt objects. The familiar Halley comet is the scatterable Kuiper belt object.

How did the scattered Kuiper belt objects form? Some scientists believe that they are actually some asteroids that were ejected early in the solar system. When the star is attracted by a large planet in front of it and accelerates in a straight line, it escapes the bondage of the sun and ran out of outer space. The Kuiper belt celestial bodies near Neptune are often ejected several times in millions of years and run out of the solar system. But the long-distance orbit of the generally scattered Kuiper belt celestial bodies does not exceed the space of the 100 astronomical units, because they are also bound by the tidal forces from the Milky Way and the stars, and eventually run in a relatively narrow area. The total mass of the scattered Kuiper belt objects is only about 4% in the Kuiper Belt. Of course,Steel Pipe Suppliers it is also possible that they often run very far and the scientists estimate the total amount is less. Recently, astronomers have found that more than 1% of the Kuiper belt objects rotate in pairs and form a so-called double star binary body.

The Sales and Advertising of Xiaomi Group

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On the evening of March 19, Xiaomi Group (1810.HK) announced its 2018 annual results. The annual revenue was 174.915 billion yuan, and the adjusted net profit was 8.555 billion yuan. The revenue and profit increased by 52.6% and 59.5% respectively. Among them, the fourth quarter revenue of 44.421 billion yuan, adjusted net profit of 1.853 billion yuan, revenue and profit increased by 26.5% and 236.7%, respectively, down 12.6% and 35.77%. In 2018, under the global environment of falling smartphone shipments, the company’s smartphone sales increased against the market, up 29.8% from the previous year to 118.7 million units. However, due to product cycle and other reasons, smartphone revenue in the fourth quarter decreased by nearly 30%. At the same time, in terms of annual data,6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult  the gross profit margin of the mobile phone business decreased by 2.6 percentage points year-on-year to 6.2%. The Internet service business based on advertising revenue surpassed the smart phone to become the main source of the company’s gross profit, and the gross profit accounted for more than 40%.

Smartphone revenue: The quarterly decline in the year, the gross profit margin decreased by 2.6 percentage points

Most of the company’s revenue still comes from smartphones. In 2018, the revenue of the smartphone segment was approximately 113.8 billion yuan, an increase of 41.3% over the previous year. However, the gross profit margin decreased by 2.6 percentage points year-on-year to 6.2%, resulting in a decrease of 0.82% in the segment’s gross profit to 7.043 billion yuan. Among them, smartphone revenue in the fourth quarter decreased by 28.3% from the previous quarter to 25.077 billion yuan. The announcement shows that due to product mix adjustment and product launch schedule, ”the fourth quarter of 2018 is an adjustment period to prepare for the launch of the Redmi brand and the new millet smartphone in 2019”.

In the fourth quarter of 018, the company released two new smart phone models, Xiaomi MIX 3 and Xiaomi Play, in October 2018 and December 2018 respectively. Among them, Xiaomi MIX 3 is the highest-end mobile phone in the company’s 2018 product portfolio. However, the ASP (average selling price) of smartphones for the quarter was $1,004.7 per unit, down from $1,052 in the third quarter. In the same year, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Meitu, hoping to further expand and enrich the user base with the influence of Mito brand among female users. In February 2019, the company released the new flagship mobile phone Mi 9 and the first 5G smart phone Xiaomi MIX 3 5G.

Advertising becomes the main source of gross profit growth

In 2018, the Internet services business surpassed smartphones as the main source of the company’s gross profit. 8 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult According to the performance report, the increase in advertising revenue was mainly attributable to the continuous optimization of the recommendation algorithm to attract users to use the Internet business more frequently. The increase in revenue of other Internet value-added services was mainly due to the growth of revenue contribution from Internet finance business and quality goods platform.

The First Anniversary of Hawking’s Death: He Answered These Problems During His Lifetime (IV)

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I grew up in the UK after the Second World War, and it was a time of frugality. We are told that you will never get anything without cost. But now, after a lifetime of research, I think that the entire universe can actually be obtained for free. The mystery of the core of the Big Bang is to explain how the whole universe incredible and huge, with space and energy, can be created out of nothing. The secret lies in the strangest fact of our universe. The laws of physics require something called “negative energy.” To help you understand this strange but critical concept, let me draw on a simple metaphor. Imagine a person who wants to build a hill on the ground. That mountain will represent the universe. In order to build this hill, he dug a hole in the ground and used soil to pile up his mountain. Of course he is not just building a hill. He also dug a hole, actually a negative version of the mountain. The things in that hole have now turned into hills, so everything is perfectly balanced. This is the principle behind the beginning of the universe.steel pipes manufacturers The big bang produces a lot of positive energy, which also produces as much negative energy. In this way, the positive and negative additions are always zero. This is another law of nature.

So where are these negative energies today? It is in the third component of our cosmic substances: it is in space. This may sound strange, but according to the natural laws of gravity and motion – the oldest laws in science-space itself is a huge negative energy warehouse, enough to make sure everything adds up to zero. I have to admit that unless you love math, it’s hard to master, but it’s true. The endless network of billions of galaxies, each of which is pulled by gravity, runs like a huge storage device. The universe is like a huge battery that stores negative energy. The positive side of things – the quality and energy we see today – is like the hill, the corresponding hole or the negative of things spread throughout space. So what does this mean in our search for the existence of God? This means that if the universe is superimposed, then you don’t need God to create it. The universe is a thoroughly “free lunch.”

Since we know that both positive and negative add up to zero, what we need to do now is to figure out – or – who is the first to trigger the whole process. What can lead to the spontaneous emergence of the universe? In the past 100 years, we have made amazing progress in understanding the universe. Now we know the laws that govern everything, except for the most extreme conditions, such as the origin of the universe or black holes. I believe that the role of time at the beginning of the universe is to eliminate the need for big designers, and time is the ultimate key to revealing how the universe creates itself.

The History of Europe: The Navies from Various European Countries in the 17th Century (II)

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In terms of regulatory agencies, in 1623, Spain established the Northern Admiralty to control trade between Spain and Flanders. At the same time, Spain forced the fleet of neutral countries into Dunkirk to conduct inspections of wartime embargoes and implement a comprehensive set of protectionist policies, charging French merchants up to 40%. However, Olivares eventually had to give up his ambitions for the Baltic Sea, concentrate on fighting France, and deal with the aftermath of the Dutchman Pete Hein’s capture of the Spanish Bank of America fleet in Cuba. Olivares’ opponent is the Prime Minister Cardinal Richelieu of Louis XIII, square steel tubing who is also concerned about the fact that the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are dominant in the overseas trade of France, and there are Muslims and Christians’ pirate activities in the Mediterranean. Spain’s ambitions to develop the navy is growing, the Huguenot uprising in La Rochelle, one of France’s most prosperous ports, poses a threat to the Navy.

These problems are actually a continuation of the aforementioned hostilities between Spain and the Netherlands, as well as maritime threats from the Huguenots and the United Kingdom. In 1621, the Huguenots created the Admiralty and attacked several French ports in the following four years. France hopes that Britain can reduce its support for the Huguenots, and Louis XIII marries Charles I through his daughter Henriette Mary. tin plate suppliers However, the British are very worried about the prospects of the French navy’s renaissance. Moreover, despite the private alliance between the Stuart dynasty and the Bourbon dynasty, in 1627, the British still occupied the island of La Rochelle. The British army was repulsed by the French, but the next year they made a comeback, but their appearance is irrelevant. At that time, after 14 months of siege, La Rochelle surrendered to the French king, effectively ending the French religious war. The fact that France has been reforming since the 16th century has never established a national navy has fueled the Huguenots’ resistance.

This made it impossible for the French royal family to raise enough income to create a national fleet or even to mobilize the fleets of the provinces. In the year before the siege of La Rochelle, Richelieu abolished the position of Marshal of the French Navy and called for the construction of the Navy from scratch, including 40 warships, 30 Calais ships and 10 Galen ships, to build a real sea fortress.” In order to facilitate the use of the Navy, Richelieu also tried to renovate the French port, but the plan was ruined by opposition. Despite this, when France officially formed an alliance with the Netherlands in 1635 to fight against Spain,Steel Pipe Suppliers the French Navy was ready to go. After the dissolution of the parliament in 1629, Charles I raised funds for the fleet. Instead of directly collecting taxes on the treasury, he issued a writ, collecting physical or cash as a “ship-specific payment” and delivering it to the navy. In the past six years, a total of more than 800,000 pounds has been raised. The incumbent Charles I informed the shipbuilder Phineas Pate of his “noble resolution to build a new big ship.”

Blockchain Marketing Has an Explosive Growth

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For corporate marketers, blockchain technology, like the original Internet, social media and mobile services, is an invaluable operational opportunity to effectively reduce marketing costs, provide an innovative user experience, and further optimize customer relationships to help Enterprises reduce business risk.

In September 2017, we conducted the first survey of 22 innovative companies that optimized marketing with blockchain technology. More than a year later, more innovative companies continued to emerge in the field. By the end of 2018, the number has reached 88. Up to now, in the first quarter of 2019, there has been an explosive growth, reaching 290. In other words, in just 18 months, the blockchain enterprise marketing field has achieved 13 times growth.

Specifically, these 290 blockchain projects or companies focus on five major marketing areas: programmable and decentralized advertising, content marketing, social marketing, commerce, data, and management.tin plate suppliers

At this stage, many companies will specifically reward consumers who watch ads or interact with ads. In addition, other reward-based methods include awarding rewards to content contributors and video contributors, and distributing rewards to consumers who receive advertising emails. In the beginning, we defined the scope of research as a technology company that purely provides blockchain marketing technology. But then, we gradually expanded the scope of the study. Any enterprise that uses blockchain technology to help companies optimize marketing is within the scope of research. Of course, for entrepreneurs and start-ups, in the broad context of marketing, blockchain technology is not balanced or play its role at the same time.

Blockchain advertising technology is making great development

In many blockchain applications, the field of advertising technology has achieved substantial development. Many companies are actively looking for solutions to address a variety of advertising challenges, including supply chain transparency, advertising fraud, data privacy, payment settlement, and focusing on consumers. At present, many projects are in the testing stage. Not long ago, blockchain advertising platform Lucidity said that in real life, only 59.8% of advertising traffic can be determined to be the active contribution of consumers, and the rest can not determine the source.

In addition to Lucidity, IAB also announced pilot projects such as MetaX, FusionSeven and Kochava/XCHNG in July last year to address the more difficult transparency issues through the programmable media supply chain. At present, the daily chemical giant Unilever is also testing IBM’s blockchain platform to verify the agreed cost issues and further resolve possible differences. Moreover, at the Advertising Week marketing conference, Brian Wong also introduced the test that Kiip cooperated with AB Inbev to test the reach and coverage of advertising marketing activities in real time through a single ledger book. In addition, these innovative technology companies have seen significant growth in corporate size, number of employees and total financing. Based on publicly available data, in the field of programmable advertising alone, a total of $145 million in financing was obtained. Even traditional venture financing, which should be opposed to emerging token financing, has gradually increased its investment in the blockchain.


Trump Fulfill His Promise: The Increase of Blue-collar’s Salary Surpass the White-collar’s

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The US economy grew by nearly 3% last year, and labor wages have benefited from the same period. Last December, hourly wages rose by 3.2%, is the highest increase in 2009. Inspired by this, the US labor participation rate has climbed to over 63%, is the highest since 2014. In 2018, the increase in salary of blue-collar workers was higher than that of white-collar workers, which was the first peculiar phenomenon in the past decade.

It is reported that the US non-management labor salary increased by 3.3% in 2018, higher than the previous year’s 2.4%. Among them, wholesale trade wages increased by 1.6%-4.2% year-on-year in 2018, construction workers’ wages increased by 3.1%-4.2%, and retail labor increased by 1.6%-4.6%. The salary increase of leisure and hotel workers also reached 4.3%. The salary of blue-collar workers in these four industries has increased by more than 4% at the same time, which is the first time in 18 years, and the strength of this growth has recently accelerated. In the fourth quarter of last year, it has increased by 5% year-on-year. On the other hand, white-collar workers in the professional and commercial sectors with higher education levels and higher wages have experienced slower growth, with an average increase of 3.1%. However, this increase is still higher than the first two rounds of the boom cycle, which means that the white-collar labor market has also undergone structural changes.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

Since 2007, white-collar workers over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree have increased by 14 million. At the same time, the number of workers with a high school education or below it has decreased by 4.5 million. It shows that with the gradual retirement of older workers who have lower education levels, the new education of young people entering the labor market has generally improved, which makes the structure of the US labor market move in a positive direction. Generally speaking, laborers with higher education tend to have higher productivity and wages. However, the influx of such workers into the market will cause the disadvantages of intense competition and limited salary increases for white-collar workers. The advantage is that workers with low education levels have decreased, leading to find suitable workers for jobs with low-paying jobs are more difficult, which in turn has led to a peculiar phenomenon in which wages are more than white-collar workers.

The salary increase of blue-collar workers exceeds the white-collar workers, and it is also related to Trump’s policy of reducing taxes through enterprises and guiding the return of American factories. Trump said in his inaugural speech that many Americans, especially blue-collar workers, are facing difficulties, and they are deeply immersed in the “rusty factory scattered like a tombstone in the landscape of our country.” He promised to let “this American massacre now stop here.” After Trump’s two years of administration, the number of new jobs for blue-collar workers has reached eight times that of President Obama. Coupled with the 2018 blue-collar labor salary increase beyond the white-collar data, it shows that Trump has fulfilled its commitment to work.

Computer Radiation (I)

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Computer radiation mainly refers to electromagnetic radiation, which usually produces biological effects on the body by thermal effects, non-thermal effects and stimuli. Everything in nature, as long as the temperature is above zero in absolute temperature, Steel Pipe Suppliers is constantly transmitting heat in the form of electromagnetic waves. This way of transmitting energy is called radiation.

Correlation theory

Experts have found that in fact, everyday household equipment that uses electricity will generate electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to the human body. The most important thing is the amount of radiation energy. According to the International Radiation Protection Association and the International Labor Organization, the safety strength of electromagnetic fields is 0.11-0.3 micro-travel, below which the intensity is not harmful to the human body. Some specialized research institutes have tested the electromagnetic field strength of the computer, and found that the electromagnetic field strength close to the screen is 0.9, but about 5 cm away from the screen, the intensity is less than 0.1, and then a little further to 30 cm (this is the computer operator’s habitual distance between the body and the screen) is almost undetectable. In addition, electromagnetic waves in space are indeed ubiquitous, but in general, the intensity of such electromagnetic radiation is very small and does not cause harm to human health. The “Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations” promulgated by China stipulates the limits of the equipment for electromagnetic radiation pollution and the impact on personnel. Only when the electromagnetic waves reach a certain intensity, the key protection is required.


Important Prenatal Education, How About Artistic Prenatal Training(II)

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So how to do art prenatal education for children?

First of all, we need to clarify the purpose of artistic prenatal education for our children. Ordinary prenatal education can promote children’s intellectual development.


On this basis, art fetal education has been strengthened in art.Steel Sheet Artistic prenatal education can make children more sensitive to beauty and improve their aesthetic level to a certain extent.

So what is beauty?

Beauty covers a lot of contents, such as the beauty of science and technology in life, the beauty of Humanities and art, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of all things in the world.


In this way, art is everywhere. So there are no too many restrictions on art fetal education. You can write at home, draw pictures, listen to songs, cut paper, or go to parks, seashores, forests, fields, grasslands.


How To Understand Cookie And Session(II)

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Session For PHP

When you operate an application on a computer, you open it, make changes, and then close it. It is like a conversation. Because the HTTP address cannot be maintained, the Web server does not know who you are and what you have done. PHP session solves this problem by storing user information on the server for subsequent use (such as user name, purchase goods, etc.). However, session information is temporary and will be deleted after the user leaves the site. If you need to store information permanently, you can store data in a database. When a user jumps between Web pages of an application, the variables stored in the Session object will not be lost, but will persist throughout the user session. There is a certain relationship between the implementation of Session and Cookie. Setting up a connection generates a session ID and opening several pages. Cookie is used here. The Session ID is stored in the Cookie. Session ID can be recognized by taking it with you every time you visit it.steel coil manufacturers

Difference between Cookie and Session

Data storage: session can store arbitrary Java objects, cookies can only store String type objects.


One is on the client side and the other is on the server side. Because Cookie is on the client side, it is not very safe to edit forgery.


Server resources will be consumed when Session is too much. Large websites will have special Session servers. Cookie has no problem with clients.


Domain support ranges are different. For example, Cookie of a.com can be used under a.com, while Session of www.a.com can not be used under api.a.com. The solution to this problem is JSONP or cross-domain resource sharing.